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Bored? Try Playing These Weed Games

Share108 Tweet Reddit Email 108SHARES Looking to spice up your next gathering of cannabis enthusiasts? Inject some added amusement into your next smoke session with some fun weed games! Some of these entertaining pastimes are similar to drinking games, but with a weedy twist, while others are in a league of their own. To make […]

Justin Bieber Creates His Own Line of Pre-Rolled Joints

Share Tweet Reddit Email 0SHARES Justin Bieber told us in his song Peaches, “I get my weed from California,” and it turned out he wasn’t lying. The pop star is partnering with the LA-based brands Palms and creating his own line of pre-rolled joints named for his song. The pre-rolls are marketed as high-end indoor joints with 3.5 grams […]

The Best 10 Indica Strains for Sleep

Cannabis users typically classify cannabis into two species: indica and sativa. Truth is, scientists disagree on the differences between these cannabis varieties. Some botanists suggest that there isn’t a significant chemical difference between cannabis varieties at all. When people say sativa, they’re usually talking about cannabis plants that have a tall, narrow growth pattern and […]