Best Marijuana Strains

Marijuana has been around for ages, but its benefits after use have only recently come to light.

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Here are facts that back this theory:

  • The highest number of first-time weed users was in 2007
  • Among the 158.8 million people who’ve used marijuana, 94 million begun recently
  • The majority of marijuana users are below 20 years

Fortunately, with more recognition, the stereotypical notions about the use of marijuana are boiling down as truths and facts based on science come to the fold.

With more individuals looking to marijuana for its associative benefits, the need for consumer education on the topic becomes basic.

How to Pick the high quality Strains for You

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned user of the natural herb, knowing the best strains will help you pick a suitable one for each occasion. Here are some of the essential aspects that should be considered before using any strain.

Understand the Three Main Types

The market has two dominant strains, namely Sativa and Indica. Both these strains hold unique health benefits as they thrive in different geographical locations. You may also experience an extra high when using either due to the contrasting THC to CBD ratio in each.

A third strain stemming from an increase in market demand is also a fan-favorite in the market. It combines the two strains – Indica and Sativa and through this hybrid nature it can have multiple health benefits on the human body, including:

  •         Relieving pain
  •         Minimizing anxiety
  •         Reducing insomnia
  •         Controlling stress

Research on Specific Strains

With numerous sub-strains like Rockstar, Jack here, and Zero OG available for each strain, looking at the specifics is vital. Do comprehensive research on various strains on your market and find out the dominant hybrid in each.

Include a detailed finding of the ratio of THC to CBD content in different strains and the benefits that each has.

For example, if you’re researching the Maui wowie strain, make sure you note down that it is a Sativa strain with effects that include promoting a sense of calm and rest.

Once you understand the components inside a particular strain and its potential benefits, it becomes easier to figure out the convenient types when buying.

Know your Tolerance

Marijuana tolerance differs from one individual to another based on their user history or level of experience.

Unlike other intoxicating substances that can cause irreversible damage when you take too much, weed has a mild and harmless effect that your body can build up a tolerance for.

If you’re a regular marijuana user, your tolerance level is significantly higher than the occasional user; thus, you may feel the need to consume larger quantities for your desired effects. 

For a first-time weed user, tolerance levels can vary depending on their body mass index, sex, or product potency.

Find a Reputable Dispensary

The threat of buying substandard marijuana or its supplements is real with many authorized sellers in the market. Fake products can be dangerous as they have counterproductive effects on your body, such as:

  •         Increased heart palpitations
  •         Kidney damage
  •         Full-blown psychotic behavior

Luckily, with certified selling points, users can have confidence buying even with little background information on a product. For a dispensary to be fully operational, it must meet rigid guidelines, including its products undergoing rigorous testing processes to confirm the contents’ legitimacy.

To locate a reputable dispensary in your area, do a simple search on Google. Just enter the text Dispensary near me and a string of valuable options will appear.

Focus on the Details

The process of selecting a strain should be strategic and not random, as marijuana is more useful when you know what you want. Details you should closely look at during the selection process include:

Flavor and Aroma

Besides THC and CBD, marijuana contains additional molecules that determine the flavor and aroma of the end product, namely terpenes. With over 200 terpenes active, marijuana flavors vary from earthy, fruity, floral or musky with various therapeutic effects.

Ask about the different flavors available in a dispensary before making the final purchase.

Potential Health Benefits

If you’re buying marijuana to help manage a pre-meditated condition, understanding the potential health benefits of each strain can make all the difference.

Various conditions respond differently to the strains you use; if you find that one doesn’t help manage your problem, always seek out an alternative.

Desired Effects

The varying cannabinoid and terpene content proves that each strain has a unique effect from the other. Once you know the exact feeling you want, it becomes easier to choose a strain tailored to your specifics.

If you’re a new user with little to no information on the subject, outline to the dispensary manager your needs, and they’ll make a recommendation for the best product.


How strong an effect do you want to have? If you want the most potent strains go of strains with THC levels of at least 20, while for a more calming and relaxing feel, CBD strains are the best.


When experimenting with unfamiliar marijuana strains, consuming the product in small doses can significantly improve your user experience. Your goal should be to start with the smaller amounts for mild effect and gradually increase the quantity as your body gets used.

For example, instead of smoking an entire joint, you can do two hits and, after a while, another two extra.

Micro-dosing gives you control over your high and reduces the chance of damaging effects.

Keep a Bud Journal

With the market full of marijuana products, you must keep a record of the strains you try out. It is especially true if your goal is to obtain relevant health benefits from the product.

Besides noting down the different strains, you should also compare their effect on your mood and body, including a record of the most effective doses for each.

Whether you use a notebook or a spreadsheet, the essential aspect is that you document your experience.

Best Marijuana Strains for You

It is every user’s wish to explore their limit by trying out as many strains as possible. However, it would be best if you did it prudently and responsibly for the best results.

Before deciding to experiment with marijuana on any level, refer to these tips above, and you’ll have a much easier and safer experience.

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