Here Are The Best CBD Strains For a Chilled Out Session

For the THC-sensitive, it can feel like there’s no happy medium when it comes to flower. You either shoot to the edge of your seat, or you melt into the cushions. But there is an alternative: high CBD strains.

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Strains with sky-high THC percentages are often treasured by cannabis enthusiasts because they offer the most obvious and impactful “high”. Insane amounts of THC will get you stoned, yes, but that feeling isn’t for everyone. For some, sparking up too much THC sends them into a full-blown panic attack. For others, they catch a mean case of couch-potato-syndrome (CPS). For the THC-sensitive, it can feel like there’s no happy medium. You either shoot to the edge of your seat, or you melt into the cushions. But there is an alternative: high CBD strains.

CBD Strains: Benefits Of Combining THC and CBD

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You may well have heard that CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high. Getting is (mostly) about THC. So why would you want CBD in your bud? The answer is a little complex. The short and simple explanation is that CBD and THC work together to enhance the effects of each compound. This is called the entourage effect. When you combine these two cannabinoids into one bud, you get the best of both worlds: the psychoactive properties of THC and the therapeutic attributes of CBD. Furthermore, the CBD can keep the occasionally unpleasant effects of THC at bay, allowing you to breathe easy and enjoy yourself, no matter what experience you’re looking for.

The feeling you get from a CBD strain can be best described as comfortable and easy-going. You get a little high, but not so high that you think you might be the first person to die of a weed overdose. Or that you might transform into that flat chick from that one anti-weed commercial. You reach a blissful state, and never really go beyond that. Not with just a few bong packs anyway.

The Best CBD Strains

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Whether you get restless or stupid lazy after consuming too much THC, CBD strains could be the better alternative to more potent pot. CBD strains can be used for a variety of things, from easing the symptoms of anxiety to boosting your mental stamina. They can also be used to treat pain, help you sleep, and much more. Here are a few of the best CBD strains for everything under the sun:

Best CBD Strain for Beginners

Richie Rich is a mild 1/4 flower but with a particularly broad CBD content range of 17%-24%. Which means you can actually get a pretty potent flower in terms of CBD content at least. A reliable bud that seems to fit beginner dry-herb enthusiasts pretty well. Not to mention that Savage CBD is  very reliable brand itself, so you really have nowhere to go wrong with this one.

Best CBD Strain for Hustlers

If you know what lifter buds do then there isn’t really any reason to explain the kind of ‘hustler’ we’re referring to. But what we will say is that it’s safe to assume that this Timbr Organics flower is a thing of beauty for those trying to have a productive day. This Sativa-dominant bud comes with an earthy and almost spicy aroma, and you have the option of buying 3.5 g or 7 g worth of it.

Best CBD Strain for Relaxation

An allure to the fruit scent enthusiasts that already have a liking for Sour Tsunami and Berry flavors. Flavorful profiles both taken from this hybrid’s parent strains. Sour Space Candy by Botany Farms carries 16.8% of total CBD per unit of dry weight. Making it a hybrid that does not go easy on the CBD. This in fact is what makes this strain such a target for those seeking a bit of relaxation when the times feel difficult. Botany Farms has managed to put together an enticing terpene profile on a multicolored bud that flashes purple, orange, and green tones. A bit of this piece of art on the bowl will leave you ready for a nice chill evening.

Best CBD Strain for Creativity

Hawaiian Haze by Botany Farms is a Sativa-dominant bud packed with 19.7% CBD and a negligible amount of THC (0.3%) characteristic of full bodied hemp plants. Haze strains with heavy amounts of THC are characterized for providing a full-body experience with a heavy mind ‘high’. This allows the user to access the creative side of the brain without inhibitions. But sometimes Haze strains can be a tad overwhelming and could through you onto the couch in a ‘haze’, hence the name. That’s not the case with this Botany Farms work of art. The high amounts of CBD and the negligible dose of THC allows you to engage in creative activities without losing focus and vitality.

Best CBD Strains For Sleep

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CBD Harlequin

Having trouble sleeping at night? If so, then try burning a joint filled with CBD Harlequin, a CBD strain with around 24% CBD and just over 0.3% THC. CBD Harlequin is a happy hybrid that provides full-body relaxation, perfect for relieving the stresses and pains in your day to day life. Being as it is painkilling, stress-reducing and sleep-inducing all at once, CBD Harlequin has enough in its arsenal to deal with just about anything stands in the way of you and your zzzs. It even features a light citrus sweetness, which makes it a delight to inhale. Here’s our complete guide with the best strains for sleep.

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Best CBD Strains For Energy

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CBD Mango Haze

If you could use a little more pep in your step, then the Sativa-dominant strain CBD Mango Haze will provide the energy boost you need to keep moving and grooving. Featuring a CBD to THC ratio of anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1, CBD Mango Haze produces little to no psychoactive effects, but serves as a pick-me-up and improves focus significantly. It’s yet another pleasant CBD flower to smoke on or vape with its tropical flavors and aromas, which include mango, citrus, and a hint of pepper of spice. Happy, positive vibes, and eliminating any negative energy are the order of the day with this tropical beauty. Click here for our complete guide with the best strains for energy and productivity.

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Best CBD Strains For Pain

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Pain and inflammation stand no chance against Sativa-dominant CBD strain Harlequin, the ultimate pain-fighting champion. This 5:2 CBD-to-THC bud is more effective than either cannabinoid alone. Its unique profile makes it a fit flower for relieving all sorts of discomfort, but that’s not the only thing. Harlequin also contains beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that’s been known to reduce inflammation. That means Harlequin is equipped with not one, but two anti-inflammatory agents. To top it off, she has a sweet, earthy flavor and fragrance to compliment her powerful relaxing effects that can be felt head to toe, while still allowing you to function at your best. This is just one of the many strains that can help with pain relief. Click here for more.

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Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

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Those prone to anxiety should try a CBD strain at least once. Too much THC can trigger an anxiety attack in some people, but CBD counteracts the paranoia and mental haze of the psychoactive cannabinoid. ACDC has a THC: CBD ratio of 1:20, meaning it has almost no psychoactive properties, a perfect choice for the anxiety-prone. Aside from making you more alert, the Sativa-dominant ACDC provides focus and mental clarity. It would be an excellent flower to burn before a test, or in the middle of the afternoon to give you the cheerful outlook you need to help you push through a lousy day. It’s not a bad bud for cautious first-timers to start with either, being that ACDC is so laid-back. Click here to read our guide with all the best strains for anxiety.

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Best CBD Strains For Depression

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Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is a classic Sativa-dominant strain. It was the first to be bred high in CBD and not THC, and is commonly used today to treat both depression and stress. With THC content around 10% or lower and CBD content hovering around 11 to 13%, Sour Tsunami soothes your mind and body, but doesn’t get you stoned. Don’t be alarmed, its strong musky/diesel aroma makes it seem a lot more potent than it is. It’s a joyful flower to consume when you’re feeling blue, lacking concentration, or dealing with pain. Just be sure to keep a bottle of water or another drink nearby, as it does give you wicked cottonmouth.

Best Low CBD Strains

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Zen, an Indica-dominant lavender hybrid, only contains 9% CBD, which is lower than a lot of CBD strains. However, a low-CBD bud like Zen still cuts back on the intense effects of THC and calms anxiety rather than intensifying it. Zen is also excellent for aiding digestion and treating stomach problems, such as nausea and appetite loss. If you’re hungover or suffer from morning nausea, a few puffs of Zen will heal an upset tummy in a jiffy. It also has relaxing and uplifting aromatics, with a mixture of sour berry and earthy notes.

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Best High CBD Strains

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Ringo’s Gift

You would think a CBD-rich hybrid with a CBD: THC ratio of 24:1 would glue you to the couch and melt your brain, but in reality it does quite the opposite. Ringo’s Gift gives you a whole new sense of focus, in addition to a relaxing body high. Both citrusy and earthy, It’s the kind of refreshing strain you want to smoke on before you sit down and get cracking on an assignment. According to the Barcelonese, it’s also quite the party strain because it delivers a buzzy cerebral high and promotes plenty of fun/good vibes to go around.

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