How To Roll A Blunt Like A Pro

How To Roll Like A Pro


All it takes is the right technique. A little patience. And practice, practice, practice. Let’s start from the beginning (for beginners) and work our way up to the final touches.

Example of how to roll a cannabis joint from Native Roots Cannabis Company


Step One

First, buy some rolling papers. Wood pulp paper is strong and easy to practice with, but burns quickly and tastes less than great. Hemp’s a good go-to, and burns smooth with a sweet, slightly musky flavor. Rice paper is the best way to roll a joint. It’s relatively tasteless—so you get to savor your strain—but can be delicate and difficult to use.

Step Two

Next, head inside and/or turn off all fans (Wind is not your friend). Use a grinder to separate your cannabis into just the right size pieces. Then open your rolling papers, remove just one, and place it square atop the pack. One side might have a lightly glistening strip—that’s sugar gum glue; take note for later.

Step Three

Fill the centerfold of your paper with more green than you’ll need. (So when the extra falls out, your joint is still packed evenly. Press the pack “lid” tightly closed to compact the green together, and run your fingers over the pack so it’s tight, end to end.You’re ready to roll.


Example of how to roll a joint From Native Roots Cannabis Company


The glue-strip side may extend a bit above the top fold. Good. Pick up the folder paper and get started. Act like you’re rubbing your forefingers and thumbs together, with the paper in between. Roll until only the glue strip remains sticking up. Lick it, roll closed.

Finally, run your fingers over the J a few times to make sure the glue sticks. Then twist one end almost shut to form a mouthpiece. Use a stem or retracted pen to push any loose cannabis back into the open end. (Twist optional.) Light, pull, puff, and enjoy.


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