People in Denmark can buy weed on the internet

People in Denmark can buy weed on the internet


Our website has just opened on which you can buy cannabis and have it delivered, with the postal service, to your front door!

The dude who opened the website “Smokenhagen” is very open about it; he signed up his company for tax-approval (a requirement for running a legit business), stating clearly that he intends to sell cannabis on the internet. Obviously they’d never heard of anything like that before, but they’ve been processing the case since January 9 and are still working on it (I don’t know how long these things usually take, but if I know the Danish government right, these things normally take quite some time to process).

People in Denmark can buy weed on the internet
People in Denmark can buy weed on the internet

If his company gets tax-approved, our government would get tax-money from an illegal product and I honestly don’t know what that would entail. But it would definitely be a step in the right direction :smoke:

If it doesn’t get tax approved, he plans to give the money, that he should otherwise have paid in taxes, to poor people; simply hand out money bills to people who wants them.

He expects to go to prison at some point and he accepts that. But apparantly the police “don’t have any clear evidence” that he’s been selling so they won’t do anything about it at the moment. However, the founder of Smokenhagen has previously been arrested for growing hemp in his house. And he’s not unfamiliar with selling on the streets either.

He’s allready earned lots of money and he has many happy customers. Obviously he doesn’t tell where he gets the cannabis from, but he say’s he’s a cannabis connoisseur and that he won’t sell anything he won’t smoke himself. He even checks the weed for mold and such. Currently he sells Pot of Gold and Super Lemon Haze along with two kinds of imported hash. The price is $15-$20 per gram, and in January you even get a free joint with any order above $87 :smoke:

He’s been running his webshop since January 1. It’s gonna be exciting to see how long he can keep it running, if he gets it tax-approved and which political effects all of this will have. So far, there have been no mention in the media, except for the link I’ll post on the bottom (not that I can deduct from a quick Google-browse, at least), but the case is bound get some attention when the tax-office are done processing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the good news, even if it’s only relevant to this small country. I’ve placed a 1 gram order, which should be delivered in the next couple of days, just to test it out – I mean, I can only be 99% sure that this isn’t a dream, until I stand with the weeb-containing parcel in my hand :)

Here’s the link to the Danish article, which I’ve boiled down, rewritten and personalized:

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