The Best 10 Indica Strains for Sleep

Cannabis users typically classify cannabis into two species: indica and sativa. Truth is, scientists disagree on the differences between these cannabis varieties. Some botanists suggest that there isn’t a significant chemical difference between cannabis varieties at all.
When people say sativa, they’re usually talking about cannabis plants that have a tall, narrow growth pattern and geographical origins near equatorial regions. When people use the word indica, they’re describing cannabis plants that are short and dense, features that kept them alive in areas where inclement weather is typical.
Indicas may have evolved somewhere in Asia, specifically near India, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. If you’re looking for an indica that can help you sleep, one of the following may have the cannabinoid and terpene combination that does the trick.

1. Hindu Kush

THC:  20%
CBD: 0%
Top Terpene: Limonene
A landrace strain known throughout the cannabis world, Hindu Kush may be the most popular (and oldest) indica strain on the market. Because of its ancient genetics, Hindu Kush is frequently used for breeding hybrids.
Hindu Kush can be a powerful sedative. As one reviewer puts it:
“I felt like jelly most of the time. I could barely move or even want to, but I was happy, calm, not anxious nor depressed or even thinking. It’s great for a nighttime buzz after a long stressful workday. I’d settle down with this instead of a glass of wine.”

2. Girl Scout Cookies

  • THC:  28%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top Terpene: Caryophyllene

Also known as Berners Cookies or GSC (to avoid legal troubles with the girls’ youth organization), this popular strain is the award-winning child of OG Kush and Durban Poison. Rapper Berners introduced this strain to Wiz Khalifa, who made it famous among his cannabis-loving fans.

If you’re looking for sleep, you may want to try GSC. According to one consumer:

“It’s best used in minute amounts for low tolerance or inexperienced users, though a great ride for someone willing to commit to possibly tripping out a little. The Indica comes through in the end, lulling you to sleep, if you want.”   

3. Skywalker OG

  • THC:  26%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

Many chronic pain patients find relief with Skywalker OG because of its high THC count and sedative effects. You can expect a similar experience with Skywalker OG as you would with other kush strains.


This Skywalker OG fan said:

“Best high I’ve ever had. The high is so intense and CLEAN the next morning; you wake up feeling refreshed. Really recommend for people who suffer from anxiety or stress.”  

4. Northern Lights

  • THC:  33%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

With some of the most THC you can find in flower, Northern Lights is a good choice for seasoned smokers looking for a sedating and physically relaxing high. People experiencing chronic pain and stress may find relief from this potent strain.

As this reviewer said, Northern Lights is “a true classic. Great for pain, depression, and just unwind after a long and stressful day. Makes music better, too!”


5. Wedding Cake

  • THC:  27%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Limonene

Wedding Cake is the child of GSC and Cherry Pie, and its effects live up to its parentage. Commonly used for insomnia, appetite, depression, and arthritis, this strain can provide relaxation and relief of an array of symptoms.

Take a look at how this Wedding Cake fan experienced the strain’s effects:

This stuff gave me a really euphoric and happy/giddy head high that also made it much easier to socialize (I have a lot of social anxiety, and this stuff is a godsend for that). My thinking was still pretty clear, but I didn’t vape a huge amount of it either. Then the body high kicks in, and you just feel at peace and relaxed.”

6. Grandaddy Purple

  • THC:  23%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

Grandaddy Purple is a popular strain for people looking to relax and tap into their creativity. It’s also widely used among chronic pain patients and those who have trouble falling asleep.

In the words of this impressed consumer,

“This is one of the best Indica strains I have ever smoked. The taste is amazing. A complex blend of fruitiness and berries with a little earthiness. Very smooth. The first two joints I smoked got me into a good couch lock for about an hour or so. The third joint is the one that I lost some time with. I have no memory of getting undressed and going to bed or my neighbors playing loud music and me yelling, “Are you serious?” and the music shutting off. This is some really, really good weed.”

7. Forbidden Fruit

  • THC:  26%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

A cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is a sweet indica ideal for relaxation and pain relief. Consumers tend to use Forbidden Fruit to manage depression and insomnia.



“I suffer from insomnia and depression. One jay of this strain relaxed me, allowed me to laugh and smile, then knocked me out from 12:30 am until 3 pm!!!! Amazing sleep and active and clear thinking once awake.”

8. GMO Cookies

  • THC:  33%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Caryophyllene

Don’t expect a mild high when you consume GMO Cookies. With a THC count that can reach over 30%, this child of GSC and Chemdawg is extremely potent medicine known for its sleep-inducing effects.

This happy consumer said:

I’m 71 years old and have a problem falling asleep at night, just got a really active mind I guess, and I have some hypertension that I take meds for to keep my BP low. So after picking up a couple of Dime Bags of the Cookies, come bedtime, I put down a fat bowl of this tasty herb. Well, complete relaxation of my tired body and mind gave me the trip to la-la land I had been yearning for a long time.”


9. Trump OG

  • THC:  20%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

A hybrid of OG Kush and Presidential OG, medical marijuana patients use this strain for a range of ailments, including pain, stress, and insomnia. Wonder where the name comes from? Trump OG’s coat of orange hair should make it clear.

In the words of this Trump OG reviewer, the strain can lead to “very intense couch lock.” If you want a full body sedation, this strain might help.


10. Blueberry

  • THC:  24%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene

Blueberry is a High Times award-winning strain known for its fruity smell, colorful foliage, and potent high. Some cannabis enthusiasts say that all you need is one hit to enjoy this strain’s effects.

This Blueberry consumer said:

“I use Cannabis for anxiety and panic attacks, so I tend to have a hard time finding strains that don’t increase my anxiety a little. This one is great. I can definitely agree with couch lock and euphoric effects and also the giggly and happy effects. It is pretty strong! I took one hit of the vape pen, and I felt higher than normal rather quickly. I absolutely love this strain!”


A Final Word on Indica Strains for Sleep

While word on the street is that indicas will knock you out, cannabis scientists agree that cannabinoids and terpenes are more responsible for the plant’s effects than its classification as a sativa, indica, or hybrid.

That said, take note of the THC and CBD ratios and terpene profile of each cannabis product you try. As you explore different strains, products, and delivery methods, you’ll learn what eases your body into sleep best.

As always, speak with a professional health care practitioner before incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine. Make sure you disclose any other medications you may be taking, as it may not be safe to consume cannabis and other chemical therapies simultaneously.

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