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Vape Cartridge

If you’re shopping for vape cartridges in Washington, you need to know what to look for to ensure the best possible vaping experience.

There are specific features that define a quality vape cartridge, and even though the best cartridges may cost a bit more, they’ll usually give you the best mileage.

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Throughout United State, adults twenty-one and over can legally purchase cannabis vape pens and vape cartridges from dispensaries. As with all cannabis products, cannabis vape products must be enjoyed inside a private residence.

In addition, the law prohibits vaping and driving, as cannabis has intoxicating effects and could impair concentration while you drive.

What to Look For in a Quality Vape Cartridge

Vape pens are small battery-operated devices that enable you to inhale cannabis vapor at home or on the go without many of the health risks of smoking.

At the base, a battery pack connects to a heating element or “atomizer.” This, in turn, heats the cannabis concentrate, oil, distillate, or live resin in the cartridge to produce a vapor, which the user inhales through a mouthpiece.

People shopping for a vape cartridge will generally be looking for:

In every case, there are common features that indicate the quality of the cartridge and influence the flavor, safety, and smoothness of each hit—particularly those last few hits before the vape oil runs out.

Materials Used in the Cartridge

When it comes to cartridges, you get what you pay for. A quality cartridge made from metal, glass, and ceramic will invariably give you a superior vaping experience to plastic. Moreover, the cartridge may last longer before the oil goes bad. Ceramic atomizers generally last longer and are less likely to burn out than standard coils.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that inert materials like ceramic are safer than plastic when exposed to heat. This further reduces the health risks of vaping. You’ll want to take good care of a quality cartridge and prevent the glass from shattering, as replacing your cart will increase the total cost of your vapes.

Cartridge Design

While materials have a large influence, the design comes into play as well. You’ll ideally want a cartridge or vape pen with an appropriate amount of airflow, an option to adjust the temperature, and easy dismantling for changing to another cart.

The aesthetics of the cartridges and pens should help you enjoy each hit to the max with a sleek silhouette and ergonomic hold. You’ll want to take portability and discretion into account if you plan to vape at a location other than your home.

Ingredients Used in the Vape Oil

For vaping, cannabis oil needs a certain consistency or “viscosity.” While some people put plant material directly in the cartridge, oil is the most common content. It’s also the substance that you’ll get when you buy a pre-filled cartridge or vape pen.

In order to achieve the right viscosity, cartridge manufacturers in the cannabis industry add ingredients to the extract, including:

  • CO2 oil
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Coconut oil
  • Terpenes

Depending on how often you vape, you’ll want to look for a cart that uses fewer (if any) additives. Organic ingredients and a CO2 and/or ethanol extraction method for the oil are also a plus so that you can be sure you’re not inhaling the vapors of pesticides and butane along with your weed.

THC, CBD & Terpenes

Finally, the best cartridge in Washington for someone else might not be the best vape cartridge for you. Cartridges come in several different concentrations and varieties depending on the experience you want:

  • High THC and low terpenes for a potent high
  • High CBD (with or without low THC) and low terpenes for feel-good relief
  • High terpenes and low THC/CBD for a flavorful taste sensation

Before you purchase, look at the THC, CBD, and terpene percentage and research each combination’s effects. This will help you prepare for the potency of the product and may guide you on whether to take a shorter or longer drag depending on your experience and goals.

Our Picks for the Best Vape Cartridges in Washington

For those in search of the best vape cartridges in Bellevue, Seattle, or Washington as a whole, we’ve put together a list of carts with an outstanding flavor profile and reliable hits. Simply screw or thread the carts onto a compatible battery pack and you’re good to go.


If you’re into vapes, you really have to try a PAX Era pod at least once. With the PAX pod, we really redefined the vaping experience, and we’ve continued to take the lead with the beautiful PAX Era pen. Because the PAX pod is proprietary, the pods and cartridges in their line can only be used with a PAX pen.

What makes this vape pen so special is that it has a sleek and slender design and a signature rectangular shape. The performance is also unmatched, with a perfect temperature every time and even a Bluetooth-paired app. For users who love their tech (or simply a reliable vaping experience), the PAX brand of cartridges has it all: a stylish aesthetic, extremely smooth hits, and great battery life to boot.

Full Spec Trainwreck Live Resin PAX Pod

The Full Spec Trainwreck Live Resin PAX Pod is brought to you by Leafwerx, the inventor of the PAX Pod. The Full Spec line from Leafwerx has an especially high terpene percentage at around 6%. This offers a more intense flavor and the benefits of the entourage effect.

In fact, the Full Spec Trainwreck live resin is so tasty that it earned a score of 94/100 on the West Coast Weed Tour. The competition hosts described the flavor as “sour-sweet spice” and noted that the flavors continued to impress even as they neared the end of the 0.5-gram pod.

Airo Pro Airo Pods

Airo Pro is another company that produces a proprietary cartridge that only goes with Airo Pro battery packs.

The attractive feature of its cannabis products is that the battery vibrates when you take a drag so you can measure your dose like a pro.

This brand produces several high-quality series, including live resins, live flowers, distillates, CO2, CBD oil, and a terpenes series made from botanical ingredients.

Currently, Airo Pro vape products are available in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. Green Theory stocks more than a dozen cartridges from this popular brand that can be used with Airo Pro batteries.


Featured in The Stranger, Arlington-based Avitas is becoming known for its high-quality cannabis products and especially its live resin. They’ve even expanded into Oregon’s saturated cannabis industry and survived, which is another indicator of this brand’s high quality of weed.

In the Avitas range of cartridges and pods, you will find favorite strains like OG Kush along with exotic wonders like Guava Cookies and Dragon OG. Prepare for a flavorful and highly satisfying experience with this recommended concentrate brand.


If you like your cartridges a little heavier on the CBD, Washington-based brand Fairwinds offers medicinal-quality vape cartridges with varying ratios of CBD to THC, ranging from a ratio of 1:1 all the way to 20:1. Their PAX Pods are compatible with the PAX Era vape pen, and they also offer high-quality glass, stainless-steel, and ceramic vape cartridges with an adjustable air control system that allows you to customize the potency.

Fairwinds offers a certification program for budtenders to help them recommend the best Fairwinds vape products for customers’ needs. Be sure to tell a certified budtender about the health benefits you’re seeking, and they’ll recommend the Fairwinds vape products and vape cartridges that match.

Find Your New Favorite Cannabis Oil Today

After this review of the best cartridges in Washington, you should have a much better idea about the variety of vape products available and things to look out for as you shop, such as:

  • The quality of the materials
  • The extraction process used for the oil
  • The percentage of THC, CBD, and terpenes
  • Other ingredients that have been added to the oil

If you’re new to vaping, approach a budtender at your local dispensary and explain the potency and effects you’re after. They will be more than happy to recommend a cartridge that would suit your preferences and needs. And remember—if you’re a total vaporizing newbie, start low and slow. Your cartridge should be good for several months, so take one puff and enjoy the ride.

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