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Top 10 Cannabis Terms You Need to Know

Top 10 Cannabis Terms You Need to Know Whether you’re new to smoking, or just curious how to talk about “marijuana,” here’s some common cannabis lingo you should be friendly with.   01 Joint Also called a “J,” it’s cannabis rolled up like a cigarette. Roll it. Pass it. Smoke it. Enjoy. 02 Roach That […]

Weed Shop

Weed Shop If you want to buy cannabis, be it for medical or recreational purposes, you should purchase it from a licensed dispensary in a state where it is legal to consume marijuana. Currently, 36 states allow medical marijuana dispensaries, and among those, 18 states and the District of Columbia have now passed recreational legislation. Marijuana dispensaries […]

Marijuana For Sale

Marijuana For Sale Researchers: The First Thing Ever Sold on the Internet Was Marijuana When we think about the early days of computers and the internet, we usually think of very primitive machines that barely functioned. It would take hours just to send a simple email. But it turns out that from the moment the internet was […]

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana So you’ve decided to embrace your inner-agrarian and want to grow your own marijuana. How hard could it possibly be? Well, cannabis can actually be incredibly tricky to grow, particularly if you don’t have the right resources. Here are eight tips of things to avoid when growing your own marijuana: Winging It […]