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Help! What Can I Do if I Get Too High?

Help! What Can I Do if I Get Too High? No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are at consuming cannabis, there will come a time where we accidentally get too high. And when this happens, we always wonder, is there something I can do if I get too high? Don’t panic. There are plenty of things you can do if you’ve […]

Marijuana For Sale

Marijuana For Sale Researchers: The First Thing Ever Sold on the Internet Was Marijuana When we think about the early days of computers and the internet, we usually think of very primitive machines that barely functioned. It would take hours just to send a simple email. But it turns out that from the moment the internet was […]

‘The Daily Show’ Portrays What Marijuana Commercials Would Look Like on TV

‘The Daily Show’ Portrays What Marijuana Commercials Would Look Like on TV Earlier this week it came out that CBS rejected a marijuana ad for the upcoming Super Bowl. Obviously this upset many people and became a huge discussion among many news outlets. So obviously The Daily Show had to comment. The Daily Show ran a segment about CBS rejecting the marijuana commercial, and while […]

26 Million Epilepsy Patients Could Benefit from Medical Marijuana

26 Million Epilepsy Patients Could Benefit from Medical Marijuana Epilepsy has been around for thousands of years, but doctors still don’t have a reliable medication for it. In fact, roughly 30 – 40 percent of today’s epilepsy patients don’t respond to traditional medications, according to Dr. Amza Ali — a neurologist and neurophysiologist who specializes in epilepsy. Based on that percentage, approximately 26 million patients […]

New Study Shows Marijuana Has Same Medical Benefits as Fish, Eggs and Nuts

New Study Shows Marijuana Has Same Medical Benefits as Fish, Eggs and Nuts Numerous studies have shown the medical benefits of marijuana. Everything from nausea to migraines to Alzheimer’s can be treated with various forms of cannabis. But new research suggests that marijuana has medical benefits in an area that can affect a whole host of conditions: […]

How to Train Cannabis Plants

How to Train Cannabis Plants Training cannabis plants will better your chances of producing high yields of potent flowers than if you were to let your marijuana grow naturally. In nature, the plant hormone auxin controls the growth of cannabis plants, and it concentrates at the top of plants to produce one large flower known as […]

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana So you’ve decided to embrace your inner-agrarian and want to grow your own marijuana. How hard could it possibly be? Well, cannabis can actually be incredibly tricky to grow, particularly if you don’t have the right resources. Here are eight tips of things to avoid when growing your own marijuana: Winging It […]